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General Dentistry Experience:

General dentistry involves all aspects of overall oral wellness and preventative dentistry while also correcting any infections that may arise in the teeth, gums and mouth tissues. Our dentist is specially trained and focuses on prevention while also placing an emphasis on patient education. All general dental procedures completed at our Reseda dental office are based on patient wellness and comfort.

Dental Fillings - Mercury Free:

Dental fillings are used to help improve teeth that have been damaged due to tooth decay, have been cracked or are broken. Dental fillings will help provide the needed strength that will allow you to keep the tooth and prohibit future infections or damage. Our dentist uses only mercury free, tooth-colored fillings that will match your natural teeth and are extremely resilient.

Dental Sealants:

Dental sealants are placed on patients that are prone to cavities. Sealants are generally used for our younger patients but are able to be applied to patients of all ages. Dental sealants are comprised of a clear material that will help protect the biting surfaces of teeth where food can easily get lodged. They should be reapplied by our dentist usually after about 3 to 5 years.


Dentures, otherwise known as fake teeth, help restore the appearance and function of your teeth. There are two types of denture that our Team will use on our patients. Full dentures are for patients who no longer have natural teeth. Partial dentures are for patients who have some natural teeth. Dentures mimic natural teeth very closely and are a great option for replacing missing teeth.

Dental Bridges:

Dental bridges can be fixed or removable. Bridges are used primarily in patients that are missing one or more teeth, but still have natural teeth that can be used as anchors for the bridge. Our team custom makes all dental bridges to ensure function and fit, while also ensuring a natural look and feel that will be virtually undetectable.


Dental crowns are used to fix all types of damaged teeth, regardless of whether the damage is caused by decay or an accident. Dental crowns are placed on top of an existing tooth after it has been prepped for the crown by our Team. Dental crowns are generally made of porcelain/metal combination or all porcelain. All porcelain crowns are the cosmetic choice because of its durability and the ability to look like natural teeth.

Tooth Extractions:

Tooth extractions are only recommended after all measures to save your natural tooth have been exhausted. Our Team will always strive to have all patients keep their natural teeth, but some cases do require tooth extraction. In the event that your tooth can no longer be repaired, our we will make sure you are comfortable and that the procedures runs as smoothly as possible.

Gum Disease:

Gum disease is treated by removing bacteria, plaque and other calculus from above and below the gum line. With modern dental technology used at our office, our team is able to complete this procedure by using minimally invasive dental procedure that allows for large amounts of material to be removed at a time and can be used in patients of all ages that have gum disease.

Root Canals:

Root canal treatment is used on patients that have a severely infected tooth. Root canals are often used as a last resort before tooth extraction in order to save the tooth. Our team believes in a comfortable and relaxing dentistry and will always ensure that you feel this way during every procedure. During a root canal, the infected pulp of the tooth is cleared and then sometimes is replaced with a filling. Following this, the tooth is prepared for a dental crown to return strength and function to the tooth after the root canal is complete.



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